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What Some People Are Saying After Grabbing My Guide

I was thrilled to get a copy of “Over 40s Say Bye to Dull Dry Itchy Skin…the Natural Way!” As a breast cancer overcomer, I have come to learn that what we eat and put on our skin can have a big impact on our health! I must admit that I used to be a cosmetic “junkie,” until I found out about the chemicals are in just about every commercial product that we use every day….in our shampoo, the soaps we use on our body and face, and even in moisturizers…and their negative side-effects! So, now I am always looking for natural skincare alternatives that actually work! I really appreciated how informative this booklet was in sharing some of the science behind our skin. And even more than that, I love knowing that I can improve the look and feel of my skin by eating healthy foods that I actually enjoy! Thanks for this valuable resource!

Barbara W.


I am 55 and constantly on a journey for living a life of total wellness and trying to stay as young as possible. It is super important to me at the same time to also stay as natural as possible. So I was thrilled to find this guide with tips of natural foods to help me have healthy glowing skin. I also look for natural cleansers so I loved the quick quiz that easily pointed me in the right direction for some natural soaps to try. It's time to give my skin some extra love.

Diane S.


Such great information in this guide. We are what we eat! Getting back to basics and knowing that what we put in our bodies affects our health. Thanks for sharing such valuable information about superfoods.

Jane V.